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Transfer Capability April 2022
Transfer Capability March 2022
Transfer Capability January 2022
Sldc Reply 21.01.2021
LGBR 2019-20
Registration Form
Detailed procedure for scheduling, meter data upload, collection, DSM Accounting & calculations etc
Transmission System Availability for 400 KV/220 KV/132 KV lines in Uttarakhand For The Month Of : Febuary 2019
Transfer Capability February 2022
Transmission System Availability for Interconnecting Transformers in Uttarakhand For The Month Of : Febuary 2019
Procedure for New Element Integration to the Grid
Transmission System Availability for Bus Reactors in Uttarakhand: For The Month Of : Febuary 2019
Monthly System Availability for Lines, Interconnecting Transformers & Bus Reactors in Uttarakhand for the Month: Febuary Financial year 2019